Because budget for employee salaries and budget for contractors and tools are typically separate, it can be hard for some to appreciate the potential savings of brining in outside help. Packaging projects can be particularly challenging due to the wide range of complexity between applications. One may take you days, another may take weeks and still not get you just what you are after in terms of a customized, silent deployment.

Even organizations doing their own packaging in house may find huge value in outsourcing the development of packages deemed too difficult or time-consuming for your internal staff. Of course, having a skilled team making the request will be an asset since such a team will know just what to ask for.

If you have corporate standards or branding requirements for your packages, a service provider should be anxious to help ensure the package they produce meet these requirements. You’ll simply need to communicate those requirements clearly so they can do so.

When requesting a package, you will have a higher satisfaction and success rate if you provide application specific documentation on how you wish each application to be installed. If you want “all defaults” and are just looking for a silent installation of the product with no customizations at all, such will take less of our time to prepare and should be a lower-cost effort. However, there are sure to be exceptions which you may not catch until you run through the setup for documentation. In fact, many packaging factories will require discovery (or installation) documentation so that they can be confident they are providing the package you want.

When it comes to selecting a software packaging service provider, be careful not to focus solely on price. While it is naturally a significant consideration, a successful project will demand you consider more. That’s what we will dive into here.

You’ll want to find a service company with a positive history, not just in systems management, but ideally one with a history of doing exactly what it is you need them to do. Not all such companies have taken the time to produce case studies, but you should be able to get reassurance, and references up on request.

Below are just some of the key benefits of outsourcing application packaging services to a qualified service provider…

  • Save Time

    Especially when you need a lot of applications at once, such as for a Windows migration, it can take months of effort for your existing resources to deliver. By leveraging a large team of experts, you get to the finish line sooner without sacrificing quality.

  • Save Money

    Let your team do what they do best and keep those resources supporting your business. Some more challenge packages can take a very long time, making them very expensive. Such is a cost often not considered until it is too late. Fixed price packaging means that difficult packages don’t cost you more.

  • Quality Deliverables

    A bad package could also cost you dearly. A mission critical application failure is unacceptable. A bad package can also affect other applications and increase the risk of putting your staff in a situation where thy cannot do their jobs.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

    Your software will install silently, using the deployment solution of your choice, and it will be configured and ready to run the way you wish. If it’s not, packaging services will make any necessary changes before you accept the delivery as complete.

Questions Worth Asking…

Are your packagers certified?

Experience is key, and our partners use certified staff to ensure fast, quality deliverables

Can you work on-site?

Some believe that having a team on site to do the work can speed delivery. This can indeed be true but will likely increase costs. Some teams can work on site or at least install a temporary lead on site to manage his remote team.

Where is your packaging factory located?

Off-shore can mean lower costs so this is not itself a red flag. However, it is important that whoever it is you will be dealing with directly has excellent communication skills.

Can I meet my point of contact?

You should have a direct conversation with the individual that will serve as your primary point of contact for the project. Ideally, you would meet their backup as well (in the event your POC should become unavailable for some reason).

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