If you are investing in management products, it only makes sense to ensure your team is skilled dat taking full advantage of them. Likewise, if you are adopting new technologies such as virtualization, you want your team skilled in these technologies to avoid pitfalls and have their best chance at success.

Depending on the subject or topic for which you require training, the right company to deliver such training will naturally vary. Product and technology training leveraging original content or official authorized content can be delivered at a training center, at your own offices or online depending upon your needs.

  • Windows Installer Repackaging Engineer

    Get trained up on Windows Installer from the perspective of a desktop administrator looking to customize and automate installations provided by vendors as opposed to those being built by developers.

  • Fundamentals of Windows Installer Training

    Get a strong understanding of the basics of Windows Installer

  • PowerShell for the Enterprise Desktop

    Learn how to leverage PowerShell to automate and manage your enterprise environment

  • Windows Application Compatibility Toolkit

    Learn how to get the most out of the App Compat solution from Microsoft to assess what software is on your network and its readiness for your Windows migration project

  • Microsoft Application Virtualization

    Gain the skills necessary to become a strong App-V Sequencing Engineer

  • Windows Application Internals

    Get a strong understanding of Windows and how it works under the covers for Packaging, Virtualization and Troubleshooting

  • Microsoft User Experience Virtualization

    Just how to best implement virtual desktop infrastructure is a deep subject

  • Product Training and Certifications

    Product training, direct from vendors or their partners

  • Technology and Product Level Certifications

    Several official and unofficial certifications exist for a wide range of technologies and products

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