Every Feature Project

One tactic I highly recommend of AppDetails members looking for solutions is to know what you want before engaging with sales.

This section of AppDetails aims to document all known features when it comes to Application and Systems management. Some vendors will try to differentiate and put their own spin on certain features to stand out. Other vendors may offer the bare minimum to address the need. Therefore, it is clearly not enough to “check the box” when it comes to making your product selection. However, it is a great exercise to consider the features and functions you really care about so you can focus on those and avoid being distracted by capabilities you don’t care about. Once the tools you should consider have been paired down to just a couple products based on features, ease of use, support, cost, etc. then will be the time to compare who does a better job when it comes to the aspects of the solution that really matter to you.

AppDetails offers free help worth exploiting. Make your list of features you care about, then prioritize them. Along with your budget, this prioritized list of features will allow AppDetails to use it’s deep knowledge of the market to help you identify a couple of products for consideration. It’s always nice to have two, or maybe three, choices for consideration so you can focus on them, watch videos, play with demos, and confirm your choice as the solution that best meets the needs of your organization.

Below you’ll find links to a list of features broken up by category; start digging through and building the list of features you care about most. Perhaps they all sound great? That’s where prioritizing the list gets valuable. Once you have a list of features you are after, send it to AppDetails and we will match your interests with the best candidates. Further, we can jump on a call and discuss your needs and discuss the rationale behind any recommendations.

It is a monumental effort to attempt the documentation of every known feature in the application and systems management support space. Therefore, you can expect that this is not yet complete, but rather, that this is an ongoing effort. If there are features in which you are interested, but don’t seem them on our list, include them in your priority list anyway and we will use that insight to update the Every Feature Project accordingly!

Which of these features are important to you? What products should you consider that provide them? How are vendors differentiating from one another, with a focus on the features that are important to you? Let AppDetails help you find the right solution, across all possible solutions, at no charge. If you’d refer not to take advantage of our free service, we also offer an Every Product Project where you can browse the many products available on the market to address these features.