Application Packaging Features

Application PackagingThis area of the Every Feature project, is focused on Application Packaging functionality. Application packaging is defined here as the creation of a deployment package. This could mean repackaging a vendor provided setup in order to create a customized silent deployment. However, it could also mean wrapping a package in a virtual layer for distribution purposes. One thing all application packaging products (and application packaging features) provide, is a means to create a deployment package intended for internal corporate distribution. Most packaging projects are centered around the deployment of new systems or operating systems. However, depending on the organization, packaging could be something that takes several months to complete, or it can be an ongoing task as new and updated applications may be regularly required.

Are these features important to you? Some should be, while others should not– which depends completely on your specific needs. Once you’ve nailed the list of features you seek, please reach out to AppDetails to discuss which vendors are a best match for your feature priorities and budget. This is a free technical resource– we do not sell software! AppDetails can help you find the right solution, across all possible products on the market, and at no charge.

Product Information

We recommend researching features first (above) and then contacting us to help you identify the best candidates. However, if you are looking for more self-service product information we have several product overviews you can read as well as a shop that includes all products that include packaging features.