Conflict Resolution

Detecting conflicts can be very helpful in determining if there are changes you should make, but Conflict Resolution and Remediation capabilities are provided by some to help automate the resolution of such conflicts. If you are about to deploy an older version of a shared file, for example, because a new package you created includes an older DLL– automated conflict resolution might help you update your new package to include the newer DLL already in your environment. Of course that won’t save you from the need to test, but it can help to minimize conflicts in your environment more easily. Some conflicts cannot be automatically corrected, while others can. Look to the vendor’s documentation to understand actual capabilities when it comes to automated conflict resolution.

This is one of many application packaging features covered here at AppDetails. When considering what features are important to you, we recommend you also contemplate the importance of a good GUI EditorPowerShell Support, an MSI to App-V Converter, and other application packaging features.

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