PowerShell Support

PowerShell PromptLeverage your scripting skills with PowerShell support to perform custom actions and check for launch conditions and prerequisites. Everyone likes using the language they are most comfortable with, if that is PowerShell, you may want to keep an eye out for specialized PowerShell support. If you are a big fan of PowerShell, take care not to over-prioritize this feature. I say this because there really are only so many scenarios where leveraging PowerShell in your packages would be advisable. Another feature worth getting your hands on before deciding on its priority for you.

This is one of many application packaging features covered here at AppDetails. When considering what features are important to you, we recommend you also contemplate the importance of a good GUI EditorPowerShell Support, an MSI to App-V Converter, and other application packaging features.

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Is this feature important to you? What products should you consider that include it? Let AppDetails help you determine how vendors are differentiating from one another to stand out in the market, while staying focused on the features that are important to you. AppDetails can help you find the right solution, across all possible solutions, and at no charge.

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