Software Uninstaller

If you are creating an installation package, you should consider yourself safe to assume that a removal package will be available automatically. How good of a job it does can be another story– not all uninstallers do a great job of removing everything. For example, data files, settings files, log files, etc. may be generated through normal use of an application and should be accounted for when that software is removed. Often this means some customization is necessary (particularly if the files in question are not stored in the applications own folder structure) and it is this ability to easily customize the uninstall/removal process that can help set a software uninstaller apart from the competition.

This is one of many application packaging features covered here at AppDetails. When considering what features are important to you, we recommend you also contemplate the importance of a good GUI EditorPowerShell Support, an MSI to App-V Converter, and other application packaging features.

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