Performance Management

Performance Management is another area we see findings its way into some systems management solutions. The line can be blurred between application performance management and server performance management, and it is the latter that we typically see associated with systems management solution features. Availability monitoring and extended period about a certain CPU or IO threshold are normally the extent of “performance management” features from a Systems Management perspective. Related to performance management and occasionally found as a feature in a systems management solution…

  • Capacity Planning – Anticipation of network capabilities and the process of setting limits for each network device.
  • Consistent Performance Level – Device configuration that keeps power consumption at a constant level.
  • Performance Data Analysis – An examination of past patterns and correlations to help better plan for future requirements.
  • Performance Data Collection – Archive of data regarding speed and performance of the network.
  • Performance Monitoring – A real-time measurement of the level of performance.
  • Performance Report Generation – Collection of performance statistics organized into easy to follow reports.
  • Problem Reporting – System designed to provide alerts to network admins regarding problems with performance.
  • Utilization & Error Rates – Log generated regarding error rates for each individual network device.

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