Application Deployment / Software Distribution

Application Deployment, or Software Distribution, is one of the main features one considers when thinking of a systems management solution. Oddly enough it is one vendors are challenged to differentiate upon. In the end an application deployment is essentially a command deployment, and that command is one that automates the installation of a software package. This very fact is what a repository like the AppDetails software tip library is applicable to all IT professionals regardless of what systems management solution they have implemented.

Some solutions may aim to provide pre-packaged applications, or out-of-the-box packages for popular applications to help make application deployment easier. Others help you to discover the secrets of how to deploy this application or that through a knowledge base or community interface.

Although less common today, some systems management products require their own proprietary packaging solution. Largely, though application deployment or software distribution features are just deployed command lines and some vendors take efforts to help you uncover the command lines you need.

Accepting that an application deployment is not much more than a command line execution, the complexity normally lies in how such are assigned to managed systems. Scheduling and deciding at what point an application installation will occur is also important to understand. Perhaps you want users to be able to delay an installation until a time is convenient for them, or provide the means for them to request software deployment themselves through an app store or self-service portal. These features are covered separately here in the Systems Management section of the Every Feature Project.

This is one of many systems management features covered here at AppDetails. When considering what features are important to you, we recommend you also contemplate the importance of a strong software inventory, application deployment, an intuitive user console and other systems management features.

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