Backup and Restore

cloud backup and restoreA Backup and Restore feature most normally delivered via integration with your systems management solution and not normally as a built-in capability. Saved configurations are specified which dictate what is to be backed up and to where and then assigned to devices or groups of devices to automat the backup process. Cloud backup is becoming increasingly popular, especially for BYOD systems or work-from-home users, but internal corporate network typically force users to save documents to mapped home drives or shares which are on servers. In such cases, the servers are backed up and this greatly reduces any need to backup managed endpoints individually. If backup up individual endpoints is something you wish to do, choosing a systems management solution that offers some integration can help make such backup policies much easier to enforce and report upon.

This is one of many systems management features covered here at AppDetails. When considering what features are important to you, we recommend you also contemplate the importance of a strong software inventory, application deployment, an intuitive user console and other systems management features.

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