Product Support

A review of a systems management provider’s product support offerings can be a very worthwhile exercise. Documentation is typically available to anyone and can provide a great resource for understanding what the product actually does as compared to its sometimes overzealous marketing messages. It is also not uncommon to uncover a knowledge base intended for customers.

A ticket system is something I would be rather concerned not to find. More mature products will often provide a peer-to-peer support network via an online community.

It is increasingly common, although still relatively rare, to find a online feature request system. Along with an online community, it can be seen as risky to host what may come across as potentially negative content. Strong companies that are confident in their position in the market, feel it worthwhile because even negative remarks or requests for features one would expect already exist are actually opportunities for the vendor to show they are listening and improving. Every product has issues, ever product needs to improve and enhance various aspects of their feature set.

This is one of many systems management features covered here at AppDetails. When considering what features are important to you, we recommend you also contemplate the importance of a strong software inventory, application deployment, an intuitive user console and other systems management features.

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