Virtualization Support

Virtualization Support can be another feature difficult to nail down when it comes to selecting a systems management solution. After all, every management solution supports virtual machines in as much as the fact that they are “virtually” identical. Actual virtualization support comes with specialized capabilities that are unique to virtual system. This could mean flagging them as virtual in hardware inventory reports, an ability to associate host and guest systems, or an ability to manage virtual machine resources and more intelligently highlight the impact of virtual host support tickets and alerts.

Another aspect of virtualization support from a systems management perspective is an ability to support non-persistent virtual desktops. In a VDI environment, you may have systems that live only as long as a single season or others that appear as exact copies of known systems. In either case a systems management solution’s ability to handle globally unique identifiers (GUIDs) and accurate differentiate these virtual systems for management is an important feature to consider if you have or plan to implement such virtualization technologies.

This is one of many systems management features covered here at AppDetails. When considering what features are important to you, we recommend you also contemplate the importance of a strong software inventory, application deployment, an intuitive user console and other systems management features.

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