• September 22, 2017 at 6:19 am #6626
    Bob Kelly
    Rank: L2

    As many have seen via LinkedIn, I have decided to take a full time position with Flexera. I’ll be running Product Management for its Software Vulnerability Management and Application Readiness product lines including SVM and AdminStudio. Those that know me, know this is a perfect fit and it is something I’m very excited about.

    Unlike when I took a position at KACE in 2007 and brought AppDeploy with me, my new role at Flexera is unattached to the AppDetails community. AppDetails will continue as it is today offering software tips, discussion boards as well as product overviews and reviews.

    The only change I’ll be making is related to AppDetails’ Product Recommendation Service. Here, I’ll be severing referral agreements with products competitive to Flexera. I’m doing so not only to avoid any conflicts of interests but because I obviously cannot provide unbiased recommendations for a packaging product when I’m personally responsible for the industry leading solution. However, systems management (which is the leading topic of inquiries) is something with which I can still offer valuable assistance. Even packaging service inquiries are still something with which I can continue to provide guidance and assistance.

    AppDeploy took a couple years to get rolling and AppDetails is in a better position than AppDeploy was at one year of age so I remain optimistic this site can prosper as an unbiased, product agnostic home for all information and discussions around application and systems management.

    Thank you for your support and for being a valuable member of this community!


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