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Participation points earned affect your current level, most any of community participation is rewarded with points! Get active!

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Participation points are earned for most every activity performed here at AppDetails. Click here for a list of activities you can perform and the points they are worth. On this page, you may also find a history of recent points earned (such is also available on your profile page).

Compete against your peers or against the whole community to rank as a leader in the community. Current top members can be found here.

You can transfer participation points to someone to thank them for helping you. And you can even use points to obtain prizes in the AppDetails store!

Did someone help you out? Transfer some points to them as a nice “thank you”!

Activity Values

Points for becoming a member5-
Points for referring a visitor3Maximum 10 times per week
Points for referring a new member5Maximum 10 times per day
Points for Approved Comment1-
Points for new forum topic3No limit
Points for someone favorited your forum topic5Maximum 5 times per day
Points for new forum reply3Maximum 3 times per day
Points for logging in1Maximum once per day
Points for updating profile1Maximum 5 times per day
Points for removing profile update1Maximum 5 times in total
Points for new avatar3Maximum once in total
Points for new cover photo3Maximum once in total
Points for new friendship1Maximum 10 times per week
Points for new comment5Maximum once per day
Points for sending a gift1Maximum 5 times per day
Points for published content5Maximum 10 times per day
Points for publishing a software tip5No limit
Points for giving a compliment1Maximum 10 times per week
Points for receiving compliments5Maximum 5 times per day

Top Ranked

  1. #1 Riley Lim 237
  2. #2 Bob Kelly 173
  3. #3 Yuri Verhoeks - Fikira BV 159

Next top 10 contributors:
  1. #4 Kim Zuppe 98
  2. #5 Maidens 89
  3. #6 Brian Lynch 81
  4. #7 Jim Boberg 73
  5. #8 pressanykey 56
  6. #9 Andy Flesner 55
  7. #10 AdminTangerine 54
  8. #11 Dan Gough 48
  9. #12 Tim Mangan 43
  10. #13 Rad33k 41

Participation Point History

A log of your last 20 participation points earned…

Robert Lamont1Points for logging in
Robert Lamont5Points for becoming a member
Jon Tyler5Points for becoming a member
alex hearl5Points for becoming a member
Ray Romero5Points for becoming a member
tony pugliese5Points for becoming a member
Oleh Demchenko5Points for becoming a member
Jim Boberg1Points for logging in
Maidens1Points for logging in
j w5Points for becoming a member
Harrison Alexander5Points for becoming a member
Michael Southwell5Points for becoming a member
Keith Entwistle1Points for logging in
AdminTangerine1Points for logging in
Doug Goglio1Points for logging in
Doug Goglio5Points for becoming a member
Rad33k3Points for referring a visitor
Tee Leon5Points for becoming a member
Kevin Kaminski3Points for new forum reply
Jim Boberg1Points for logging in

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