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Support the needs of your dynamic business with the robust IT service management capabilities available in BMC Remedyforce.

  • Incident and Problem Management: Improve your customer satisfaction levels and resolution rates while reducing costs with a best-practice approach to the management of incidents, problems, service requests, and tasks.
  • Change Management: Track, control, and report on the process of IT change management, with work ow based on your business requirements. Minimize risk through e ective process enforcement and approval automation.
  • Configuration Management: Integrated con guration item (CI) inventory maintains accurate CI information in the Remedyforce Confguration Management Database (CMDB), providing visibility into root cause and impact analysis.
  • Asset Management: Proactive management of assets throughout their lifecycle including innovative capabilities to drive simpli cation and automation while optimizing investments and mitigating risks.
  • Discovery and Client Management: Automated discovery for a more complete view of one’s environment and client management capabilities to protectively manage devices while reducing support time and increasing rst call resolutions.
  • Release Management: Manage the processes for planning, scheduling, and controlling the build, test, and deployment of releases and new functionality while protecting the integrity of existing services.
  • Self-Service and Service Catalog: Give customers and employees an intuitive portal where they can resolve their own issues or needs. Users can submit new service requests, search for solutions to common problems in a vast knowledge base, or view the status of previously submitted incidents. Includes access to self-service via mobile devices.
  • Mobile Apps for IT and Business: Support the needs of IT and business users on the go. IT agents can perform virtually any task from their mobile device, leveraging the Salesforce1 platform. Self-service users can perform quick submission of incidents using the Superbox feature, view incidents, and view knowledge articles leveraging the Salesforce1 platform from any mobile device. The Remedyforce mobile app for the business provides full self-service functionality from any mobile device.
  • Service Level Management, Dashboards, Reporting, and Analytics: Provide instant visual display of key performance indicators with out of the box and customizable reports and dashboards.
  • Collaboration via Chatter and Chat: Collaborate, solve incidents, submit approvals, and crowdsource information via a Chatter post or a chat session.
  • IT Best Practices: Reduce training, speed resolution, and mitigate risk and compliance/governance with out of the box access to industry and ITIL best practices.
  • Knowledge Management: Search and resolve common issues through a robust knowledge base.
  • Survey: Create, schedule, and manage the distribution of surveys to understand the satisfaction of your customer base.


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