AppDetails Recommendation Service

Choosing the right software and services can be a real challenge. To make a solid choice, one needs to fully understand their own requirements, have knowledge of all the possible solutions, have access to often hidden pricing information, and be aware of market changes and company news.

Lucky for you, that’s just the type of research that goes on at AppDetails every day. The experienced experts at AppDetails get demos, briefs and roadmap presentations from systems and application management vendors on a regular basis. AppDetails is constantly researching features, and talking to product teams and service companies. Discussing requirements and matching them with the best solutions available is what AppDetails does (especially for smaller businesses that don’t have the budget to engage an analyst firm).

This service is provided at no charge. AppDetails gets paid by vendors, not those seeking products and services. You may be aware of affiliate programs for popular stores like Amazon or eBay? AppDetails has made similar arrangements with many companies and is also happy to recommend products and services for which it has no existing relationship. In such cases, we take it as an opportunity to highlight the value of AppDetails and establish new vendor relationships. At no cost to you, there is no reason not to leverage our free, personalized technical advice!

Don’t expose yourself to vendor salespeople for products that may not be a good fit, or that you may quickly eliminate due to cost. Let AppDetails help you identify the products to address your needs and budget. We’ll work with you to narrow your focus to just a couple of products and can then connect you to product experts at those companies for a demo or proof of concept (POC) so you can make a final choice for yourself. Get the right product for your organization’s needs faster and with greater confidence and less hassle by leveraging AppDetails’s free Recommendation Services.

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  • Establish Solid Requirements

    AppDetails will discuss your challenges, your preferences and your budget to help determine the best solution for your specific needs.

  • Examine Technologies and Solutions

    You may have a good idea of what you want and seek validation. AppDetails can provide that by helping you understand the competitive landscape in terms of both the products on the market and the different technologies capable of addressing your needs.

  • Connect With Product Experts

    Once you are comfortable with the recommendations provided, AppDetails will help connect you directly to the right people to provide a demo or proof of concept.

AppDetails Recommendation Services FAQ

You don’t pay AppDetails, the vendor does. Like the affiliate programs you see for online stores like Amazon and eBay, AppDetails has arranged referral fees with many vendors. This is a cost the vendor has determined and is accounted for in their sales costs.

It’s true AppDetails does not have relationships with every vendor on the market, but that is the goal. Should the right product for you be one with a vendor that does not have an existing relationship with AppDetails, we will highlight this to the vendor to convey the value of working with AppDetails. Recommendations are not limited to those vendors with which AppDetails already has a relationship!

AppDetails is lead by industry expert, Bob Kelly. For 25 years, Bob has been a customer, a consultant, an author and a product manager– all focused on systems management.

Just some of the daily research underway is visible to all here at AppDetails. See our product overviews, feature documentation and product reviews.

Initially, AppDetails will connect via email unless you specify otherwise. It is the goal of AppDetails to provide you just the amount of help you desire. If that is a simple email exchange, that’s what you’ll get. If you’d prefer an hour long conference call, you’ll get that.
Yes, we can discuss pricing of specific products as they pertain to your organization’s size and feature requirements.
Never without your permission. Once we identify the product(s) or service(s) that are right for you and agree it’s time to move forward, we can connect you directly with the right people at the right companies and can even share some details to speed things up for you.
AppDetails is always looking to establish relationships with the best software and service providers in the industry. Even if you do not have an existing referral or affiliate program, we’d love to hear from you. Please complete our inquiry form to be contacted about how we can best work to expose your products and services to those that need them.