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Post Date: 2017-02-09 19:19:41

Author : Riley Lim, Submitted : 02/10/17, Version : 6.1 , Category: Business

Create INI File
Install Atlas (for Dynamics AX) and follow the GUI until installed. Once installed, copy the INI file from %AppData%\Roaming\GlobeSoftware\Atlas6\GlobeSoftware.Atlas6.Setup.ini”. This files contains your server and port details.

Silent Install Command Example
GlobeSoftware.Atlas6.1.6337.exe /s setupini=”C:\Binaries\GlobeSoftware.Atlas6.Setup.ini”
GlobeSoftware.Atlas6.1.6337.exe /s setupini=”~%dp0\GlobeSoftware.Atlas6.Setup.ini”
GlobeSoftware.Atlas6.1.6337.exe /s setupini=\\Server\Atlas\GlobeSoftware.Atlas6.Setup.ini

Silent Uninstall Command
“C:\ProgramData\{401C244E-38B8-4330-8E0E-EAB6AB8DF32F}\GlobeSoftware.Atlas6.exe” REMOVE=TRUE MODIFY=FALSE /s
Keep in mind this may change in different release versions, obtain this in the registry HKLM…\CurrentVersion\uninstall, and then append /s.

Author : Riley Lim, Submitted : 02/10/17, Version : 5.1 , Category: Business

Public documentation is very scarce for Atlas, the link below is the install guide for Atlas 5.1. The information can be applied to newer versions within reason.