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Post Date: 2017-03-08 19:52:07

Author : Riley Lim, Submitted : 03/09/17, Version : , Category: Business, Utilities

Install UltraVnc via vendor MSI with desired components (varied combination of Server and Viewer).

Note this requires knowledge of Windows Installer editing.

  1. Download the require Windows Installer packager form the vendor
  2. Use InstEd or your favourite Windows Installer editor to create a transform.

    In the InstallExecuteSequence Table remove the following CustomActions
    – CustomCheckC_SetProperty_CHECKBOX1
    – CustomCheckC_SetProperty_CHECKBOX2

    In the Property Table add the following for your desired deployment outcome. The property is either 1 (enabled/install) or 0 (disabled/do not install). The asterisk is just reference notes, not part of the property name.
    – VIEWER
    – SERVER
    – SERVICE  *install server as service
    – CAD  *allow software ctrl alt del

  3. Save transform and test, job done.